Dragon Ball Super Episode 112

October 23rd, 2017

JD & Stephen watch and review episode 112 of Dragon Ball Super.

Universe 3 decides now is the time to take out Goku, he is weakened after all. Universe 4's Monna goes after Caulifla and Kale, before Cabba steps in. He needs to protect Universe 6's secret weapons. He is knocked out, but surprisingly he is saved by Vegeta! Who then promises to resurrect Universe 6 when he wins.

Energized, Cabba is able to defeat Monna, before he is attacked by another. Vegeta wants to take on Jiren, but has to go through Toppo first. Goku is confronted by Caulifla, who wants to continue their fight. A lot is happening right now. There is only 23 minuts left in the tournament. Who do we think is going to win? Listen and find out on this episode of DragonBallerZ.

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