Episode 107

Dragon Ball Super Episode 114


November 6th, 2017

25 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

JD & Special Guest Host Jason watch and review episode 114 of Dragon Ball Super.

Stephen is gone this week. He got married or whatever, no one really knows. So Jason jumps in to talk about his favorite anime.

Caulifla and Kale are after Goku. They want to be as strong, or even stronger than him. Kale gains control over her berserk form, which is not good for anyone else. Goku is forced to go into God mode, and easily overpowers the sisters. However, they have one more trick up their sleeve. Which may or may not be legal, that is tbd at the moment. Can Goku overcome this new foe?! Listen and find out on this episode of DragonBallerZ.

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