DragonBallerZ Presents: A Chat on Titan Ep 5

June 18th, 2018

JD & Stephen watch and review the 57th Scouting Mission Arc.

The Scouts have decided to use Eren's Titan ability to take back the outer wall. But, they need to find a path to reach Shiganshina, which is why they are going on a scouting mission. But, it seems that the commander has an alterior mission that he has not shared with anyone else.

An abnoraml titan appears, and is reaking havoc throughout the garrison. It seems to have some intelligence, much higher than any of the other Titans. Could it be another human in Titan form like Eren? This could be an issue. Will any of the Scouting regiment make it back? Was anything accomplished with this mission? Listen and find out on this episode of A Chat on Titan.

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