Dragon Ball Heroes 8 and Dragon Ball Episode 34

February 27th, 2019

JD & Stephen watch and review Episode 8 of Dragon Ball Heroes and Episode 34 of Dragon Ball.

There is a new bad guy in town. His name is Hearts and he wants to overthrow the Omniking. He has a partner with him, Zamasu is alive and well. Minus an eye, but he has a spare.

In Dragon Ball, the Red Ribbon army and Goku are still searching for the dragon ball that fell into the river. Goku finds it with his upgraded radar. Well now, Colonel Silver wants that radar. However, he is not a match for Goku at all. After a brief fight, Goku takes some capsules and flies to the north to find his grandfather's dragon ball. The Red Ribbon Army mobilizes to find him. Silver has not been up to the task, so General White is called in. Goku is captured by a mysterious girl. Is she friend or foe? FInd out on this episode of DragonBallerZ.

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