Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 and Dragon Ball Episode 42

April 23rd, 2019

JD & Stephen watch and review episode 10 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes and Episode 42 of Dragon Ball

Goku is ready to take on Hearts. But, he still has a few obstacles in the way. Oren and Kamin fuse, but they are still not match for Goku. However, a new enemy Laggs appears and seems to be more than even Goku can handle.

In Dragon Ball, Goku and Eighter have returned to the village. The Village chief offers to let Eighter stay with them, but there is a problem. He still has a bomb inside of him that could go off at any time. Maybe the reclusive Dr. Frappe can help. However, there is another survivor from Muscle Tower. He wants revenge and to get the dragon balls. Will Dr. Frappe be able to help Eighter? Will the Red Ribbon Army be able to get the dragon balls? Listen and find out on this episode of DragonBallerZ.

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